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PhD interviews 2023

As per IISc’s eligibility guidelines (https://iisc.ac.in/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/NOTE-Admissions-2024-25.pdf), all applicants MUST possess a valid certificate for the mode of entry that is mentioned in your invitation letter. Without a valid certificate for this mode of entry, applicants are not eligible for appearing for interviews for the PhD program.

Please note there will be two rounds of interviews. Round 1 will be from 13th May – 15th May 2024 (Mon-Wed), Round 2 from 16th – 17th May 2024 (Thu-Fri). You will receive date and time for Round 1 interviews from Admission Section of IISc. 

*** At the end of each day of Round 1 interviews (13th – 15th May 2024), a list of shortlisted candidates for Round 2 interviews will be announced on the DBG website and on the department’s notice boards.

Please make it convenient to appear for Round 2 interviews (16th – 17th May 2024) if shortlisted.

Please bring the following documents for the interviews:

1. IISc issued interview letter.

2. Government-issued ID card.

3. Mark sheets for 10th, 12th, Graduate and Post-Graduate courses (if applicable).

4. National entrance test certificate/score card.