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Research in our department in IISc is diverse, ranging from bacterial and human genetics to signal transduction, mammalian reproduction, developmental biology, cancer, diabetes, and stem cell biology. The underlying theme is molecular level studies of cellular functioning in normal and pathological conditions. We approach this in a variety of ways, using model systems such as Drosophila, Caenorhabditis elegans, as well as transgenic, knockout, and humanized mouse models.

A broad spectrum of research interests combined with excellent facilities and interactive and supportive atmosphere provides an environment in which there is a vigorous exchange of ideas among researchers. With this mindset we have been training a number of masters, PhD and Integrated PhD students. Our former students have established themselves as independent investigators in premier institutions both in India and abroad.

IISc constantly strives to push the frontiers of scientific knowledge and develop cutting-edge solutions to society’s most critical challenges. DBG is very much holds this mindset with specific areas of interest in genetics, mammalian reproduction, developmental biology, cancer, diabetes, and stem cell biology. Help us support these efforts so that we can bring in impactful solutions to society and impact education and research.

Every contribution makes a great difference to the quality of student and faculty life and the research that they do.

Contact the Chair of the department or faculty whose research you would like to donate towards, and they will facilitate the donation process.


Tax information:

Contributions made towards scientific research to the Indian Institute of Science are exempted under Section 35(1)(ii) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

CSR contributions are eligible for 100% tax exemption under Section 80G (2) (a) (iiif) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

IISc is also exempted from the provision of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 as per Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs letter No.II/21022/14(3)94-FCRA.I Dated 23rd December 1994.